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NIOS Admission


NIOS is “Open School” to cater to the needs of a heterogeneous group of learners up to pre-degree level. It was started as a project with in-built flexibilities by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in 1979. In 1986, the National Policy on Education suggested strengthening of Open School System for extending open learning facilities in a phased manner at secondary level all over the country as an independent system with its own curriculum and examination leading to certification. Consequently, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India set up the National Open School (NOS) in November 1989. The pilot project of CBSE on Open School was amalgamated with NOS. Through a Resolution (No. F.5-24/90 Sch.3 dated 14 September 1990 published in the Gazette of India on 20 October 1990), the National Open School (NOS) was vested with the authority to register, examine and certify students registered with it up to pre-degree level courses. In July 2002, the Ministry of Human Resource Development amended the nomenclature of the organisation from the National Open School (NOS) to the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) with a mission to provide relevant continuing education at school stage, up to pre-degree level through Open Learning system to prioritized client groups as an alternative to formal system, in pursuance of the normative national policy documents and in response to the need assessments of the people, and through it to make its share of contribution:

  • . To universalisation of education
  • . To greater equity and justice in society, and
  • . To the evolution of a learning society.

At the Secondary and Senior Secondary levels, NIOS provides flexibility in the choice of subjects/courses, pace of learning, and transfer of credits from CBSE, some Board of School Education and State Open Schools to enable learner’s continuation. A learner is extended as many as nine chances to appear in public examinations spread over a period of five years. The learning strategies include; learning through printed self-instructional material, audio and video programmes, participating in personal contact programme (PCP), and Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA).

Nios Admission Stream -1: For SSLC & Plus Two

If you were a regular school student failed in class 9th then you take direct admission from class 10th from nios board and if you are a student failed in class 11th then you have an option for direct admission in class 12th. This stream is also for the students who have passed 10th . If you want to take admission contact us immediately our councilors will help you in your admission procedure and classes for board exam preparation.

Nios Admission Stream-2: For SSLC & Plus Two

This stream is only for the students failed in board exams of class 10th and 12th from cbse board or any other recognized state board in india. If you have failed in board exam of class 10th and 12th then according to the rules, you can appear again the next year from the same board. In this every student’s one precious year is lost as he/she has to re-appear in the next year for the same exam for all the subjects even if he/she has passed in 2 or more subjects. Nios admission stream-2 is the way to save the precious year as under this stream a student failed from any recognized board can appear in board exams of class 10th or 12th within the same year only in failed subjects. Under the credit transfer scheme of nios the subjects in which the student is passed are transferred to nios board(maximum 2 sujects) so that the student has to appear in failed subjects only within the same year.

Nios Admission Stream- 3&4(Nios On Demand Exam)

This stream helps you to appear in the nios board exams when you find yourself well prepared for exam. Under this stream you can appear any time during the year according to your preparations and your wish. There is no more need for the student to wait for a whole year to give the exam. This stream reduces your exam stress and burdon. In this stream also the facility of credit transfer is available in which if you are passed in 1 or more subjects in your previous board exams than maximum of two passes subjects can be transferred and a student has to appear in 3 subjects only. This process and program of appearing ad re- appearing in the failed subject is known as the “on demand exam” because the students are the ones who choose the subject which they want to sit for clear. Join our coaching classes for sure succsess in exams.

Value Of NIOS Board SSLC & Plus Two Certificates:

NIOS Is an autonomous board under hr ministry, government of india. So the certificates of pass issued for nios 10th standard or 12th standard exams is merited equal to central board of secondary education. All the states of india have recognized these certificates issued to academia study center students.

Those passing 10th class can join any school in india for 11th class. 12th class passed students can join any college or university in india or abroad, for further studies in engineering, medical, computer science and such other faculty courses for a bright future, opened up by academia study center. They Can Get Employment In State And Central Government Vacancies (PSC,UPSC), As Equal To Other Candidates Of Formal Schooling.


Those who had completed 14 years in age can apply. There is no age limit for this course. There will be 13 subjects including multi languages. Of these, every student can select 5 subjects. 2 languages are compulsory and the other 3 subjects are free to choose. These three exams can be written either in English or in Malayalam. Students who complete this course successfully are eligible to apply for both state and central government jobs


This course is designed for those who are passed SSLC and completed 17 years in age. There will be 17 subjects for the plus two examination of which the students can choose 2 languages. Except science subjects, main exam can be written either in Malayalam or in English. Students who successfully complete the plus two course are eligible for the Engineering, Medical, IT courses as well other professional courses. All universities across the nation accept our courses. The importance of Plus Two education is increasing as it is considered as the basic requirement for many jobs including PSC and UPSC. Those who complete this course successfully are eligible to apply for both state and central government jobs.


Transfer of Credit (TOC)

Best part of nios secondary and senior secondary courses exams from nios board is the failed students either in sslc standard or plus two standard need not appear for all the subjects again. Nios board offers transfer of credit (toc) in respect of maximum two subjects passed in their previous board exams. The marks in these passed subjects are transferred to the nios board certificates and a student has to appear for exams in fail subjects only.

Change of Subject/ Additional Subject

During the admission period of five years,a learner can change one or more subjects,provided that total number of subjects does not exceed seven.However,such a change is permissible within four years of your registration,so that you can appear in Public Examinations within the validity period of admission.No change/addition of subjects will be allowed for the first examination.Subjects already passed by a learner cannot be changed.


  • SSLC


Both SSLC and Plus Two can be done as correspondence courses. It can be done as part time course as well as distant education course. Those who cannot attend regular classes can do home study. After the course registration, The Expert Educationalists designed study materials for the five subjects that you selected will reach you through courier or collect directly by the respective centers. The expert faculties at our institutes will offer coaching at our centers, and every Plus two NIOS board student in all batches will be provided with 24 contact classes on respective Sundays. The date of contact class will be informed you earlier. TIMS provides you with Sample papers designed by expert qualified teachers and finally we complete the course with practice of previous year question papers and test series for all subjects. It helps the students to understand properly by usual questions asked in each subjects. Those who are doing SSLC and Plus Two correspondence will be assisted by TIMS for prepare required Assignments, Records and Practical works.