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In Theory paper, you need to get 30 out of 70 to pass if that particular subject has Practical’s and TMA both. But the marks calculation will be done out of 60. For example, If you get 50% out of 70, that is if you get 35…then the marks given in the Mark sheet will be 30 out of 60…because it is calculated as 50% of 60.

But if…

Your subject does not have Practical’s…and it has only TMA… Then the marks will be calculated out of 80…but you will sit for an exam of 100 marks Theory… Where you need to get 35 at least.

Here is a simple explanation for anyone who can follow Basic English.

Weight age And actual percentage are two different things.

Your question paper is not for 80 marks. It’s for 100 marks. You will answer questions worth 100 marks.

So let’s say you get 80%. .. Which means you’re getting 80 on the 100 marks paper?
BUT weight age is 80% – so in effect you have got 80/100 x 80 (or eighty percent of 80) WHICH IS 64%

80/100 × 80 is 64

Now you must add the TMA score to this.
Say you get 18/20 in the TMA…

Now your marks will be

64+ 18 = 78.

It’s a fair system for those who understand that getting high marks on your marks card means figuring out how to get the max marks in the main paper and treating the TMAS as a bonus. DON’T DEPEND ON TMA’S FOR A HIGH PERCENTILE SCORE.

If you have the last 10 years question papers for any given subject – you can easily split the questions chapter wise. Learn the answers.
If there is a model answer book/ answer paper follows it.
That seems to be the system being followed by toppers of CBSE and ISC. I don’t see why it shouldn’t work for NIOS.
Don’t be dragged down by negativity on the net or among complainers –
you have enough time to meet more during your lifetime. Pay attention to the obvious and the positive.
NIOS is a very well thought of and administered system. We are amongst the best in the world.

All the very best, Now go solve a past question paper every week.


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